​​​Why Become a Teacher?​

Why Become a Teacher

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that nearly 50.4 million students attend public school in the United States. Each one of those students requires a quality teacher. According to The Washington Post, the United States is facing a substantial teacher shortage, a reality that emphasizes just how much of an impact the choice to become an educator can make.

Effective teachers are excellent communicators and planners. They show both knowledge and enthusiasm, and they expect a great deal from their students. Furthermore, they create a sense of community within their classrooms. Those who resonate with these characteristics may find education the vocation they never knew they wanted. For others who are still unsure, here are six more reasons why a career in teaching might just be the perfect fit.

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Why Become a Teacher?

1.)    The world needs teachers

The American teacher shortage only describes the tip of the iceberg. Quality education is a required element for improving a wide range of social issues. Did you know …

  • 43.2 million Americans currently live in poverty? Education is a key factor when it comes to overcoming significant economic barriers.
  • Nearly 80 percent of those incarcerated cannot read at an eighth-grade level? Reports demonstrate a clear correlation between higher levels of schooling and reduced criminal activity.  
  • The number of high school graduates is expected to decrease? Students require guidance and role models to help them make positive choices for their lives.

2.)    Teachers mold a better future

A “better future" is one in which society is shaped by those capable of critical thinking and bringing their passion to every area of life. Great teachers are catalysts for these individuals. Artists, scientists, changemakers and every other kind of effective person once had a teacher who inspired them. Teachers help their students understand responsibility, curiosity and the potential of what they might one day achieve.

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3.)    Teachers see the results of their work

There is no shortage of jobs in which the work that's done is anonymous and thankless. Teachers are lucky. They can witness the growth of their students in real time, a benefit that tangibly demonstrates the difference they make for others.  


4.)    Teachers never experience monotonous routines

The world of teaching nearly always presents novel challenges and rewards. Instructors constantly interact with new students, new course materials, new resources and new developments in their areas of expertise. When you're a teacher, every day is unique.

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5.)    Teachers turn their interests into an occupation

Mathematics, science, social studies, English, humanities and the arts can all prove difficult when it comes to securing relevant employment. Teachers, however, don't have to look far to pursue their interests. Not only does teaching provide more job security, it gives instructors the opportunity to instill their enthusiasm for their subjects in others.

6.)    Teachers learn something new every day

One of the best parts of teaching is the chance to become a lifelong learner. Whether it's finding new information about a field or simply discovering an inner ability for extreme patience, teachers constantly gain knowledge and proficiencies throughout their careers. This is compounded by interactions with students, who bring their own worldviews, questions and excitement to the table.

In short, teaching is a profession steeped in rewards and ready for passionate people to step up to the plate. Those who do so will discover nothing less than their ability to positively alter lives.

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Your Future in Teaching

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