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University of Findlay understands the importance of SAP


What is SAP?

SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products.  It's a software that provides a way for

businesses to manage activities in all departments and track customer interactions through a centralized database.

This system allows employees to easily follow a customer transaction from start to finish. The advantages

that SAP provides companies can be seen on their website or by clicking here.

Why is SAP important to me?

Having this knowledge will ensure that you will have multiple opportunities, if not job offers, upon graduation. Experience with SAP is highly sought after by many corporations, regardless of industry type.  Employers are motivated to hire you because they will save time and money with fewer hours of training needed since you will already know the system they are using.


Fortune 500 companies attend UF job fairs to recruit our students for internships and permanent positions.

SAP is now embedded in all of The University of Findlay's business majors.  All students in this area will gain experience with this software.

Earn more money

Another reason SAP is important is salary, students with SAP knowledge have the potential to make significantly more money than students graduating from other institutions without these skills. To help you compare job titles and salaries related to SAP a website called Payscale has a helpful page with salary information.

Where's the proof?

Recent graduates have been hired by Fortune 500 companies who specifically identified their experience with SAP as one of the reasons they were hired. One such example is a recent accounting graduate who was offered a position at Marathon Petroleum Corporation. The company found her knowledge of SAP to be an added value, and as a result, she was placed with their SAP Team to assist in its implementation.  

Employment Network

There are many SAP networking groups around the world. According to the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG), it is the world's largest SAP group with more than 130,000 members from 3,500 companies that represent 17 industries.  This provides a world of opportunities to find future employment by communicating with other users.