​​Corporate Partnership​​​​​​​​​​

By becoming a partner with The University of Findlay, your employees and your company are eligible for:


  • Additional in tuition credit when five or more employees are enrolled in the UF MBA or Environmental, Safety and Health Management program
  • Student saves at least $2,000 through free book rental program
  • 25% discount on the use of university facilities for corporate partner events*


*As an added bonus, any corporate partner events held on campus are eligible for the free services of UF sport and event management students who are available to assist.

​HOW TO BECOME A CORPORATE PARTNER:iStock_000006357955Large.jpg

Simply click on the form below, print it, sign it and fax it.  It's that easy.

As a corporate partner we request that you:

  1. Promote UF programs to interested employees.  This is a non-exclusive agreement.
  2. Provide term-by-term verification of employment for participating students (via direct supervisor, Human Resources or both).
  3. Consider becoming an internship site for University undergraduate and graduate business students with no obligation.
  4. Permit the University to list the Corporate Partner in University marketing materials.

Why do we ask for your signature?

We are asking permission to add you to the growing list of partners on our website.​



Do you have more questions?

Contact Graduate Admissions  800-548-0932
Emily - ext. 6933 or Austyn - ext. 6913