MBA Student Approved​​​​​​​

Clinton Eyong

Business Administration​​

"The advice I have for students wanting to do an MBA program is to be completely certain, willing, and sure they want to take on a master's program. Think with the end in mind and what you hope to achieve with your education and dedicate yourself to reaching your goals. Looking at where I am now with regards to the soccer program, my lessons, internship, and extracurricular activities I think to a greater extent that I made the right decision."

John_Guagenti1.gifJohn Guagenti

Business Administration

"In the MBA program, I learned a lot about doing hard work and research to figure out what I need to do to be successful. The program helped me know what to pinpoint, what to pursue and the actions to take to make the right business decisions. I was able to use what I learned in the program to develop my own chainsaw carving business and make connections with people to get the business rolling."

Michael E. Lewis

Health Care Management

"A number of months ago, I prepared a very comprehensive business plan for the owner of a regional company operating 15 major facilities in five states.  After meeting with me and reviewing the document, the owner decided that the 16th facility in his organization was going to be located here in Findlay, Ohio and that I was going to be the individual responsible for running it.  I credit the MBA Program for preparing me for this endeavor.  I am thankful for the guidance that the staff and faculty provided to me during my time at the University."​

Angela Zeglen Angela Zeglen

Business Administration​

"I received one-on-one mentoring from a lot of my business professors – mainly my advisor. I would sit down with him and discuss what I wanted to do after graduation and what I would need to accomplish to reach those goals. I liked my experience so much at Findlay that I came back to work on my MBA."