Student success​


Angie Hartley ANGIE HARTLEY 


Business management

“One of my very best memories at the University was a business course with Professor Bob Rustic,” she said. “He took us out into the community to experience things. We met CEOs and vice presidents at key organizations in Findlay and heard first-hand the keys to becoming successful in our careers. It was an amazing experience.”​

Mallet Mike Mike Mallet 

Business administration

Political science

“My professors took an active and personal interest in me,” Mallett remembers. “They knew me by name and they knew when I needed extra help and encouragement. And it wasn’t just me. They did that with all the students – and they still do. I get to see the faculty interacting with students all the time. Nothing has changed; it is still a great place to be a student and to prepare for life.   “Whatever success I’ve had goes right back to the experience I had at Findlay,” he says. “It gave me the skills and the confidence I needed to meet challenges and seize opportunities. I’m forever grateful.”