​Human Resource Management Emphasis​​

As a Human Resource Management student at Findlay, you will get practical firsthand experiences working through the complexities ​of meeting both the needs of employees and the organization.​

The Human Resource (HR) Management Emphasis at the University of Findlay provides students with the skills and experience needed to become successful in a variety of industries. You will learn how to design and implement effective HR management systems that handle employee selection, promotions, compensation, and benefits throughout the operation of any enterprise. HR management students​ learn additional aspects that are crucial to being effective in the human resources field such as the "stakeholder concept" which enables you to make informed decisions that are moral and ethical and relate to the corporate atmosphere.

Findlay's human resource management students have found careers as a(n):

  • ​Human resource director 
  • ​Compensation analyst ​
  • Benefits coordinator 
  • Worker’s compensation specialist​
  • Talent recruiter 
  • Training and development coordinator
Program High​lights
  • Develop a critical and analytical thought process - Findlay prepares students for the challenges of the business world. By specializing in human resource management, you will work on practical, relevant projects that will not only help you better understand the challenges faced by those working in the area of human resources, but also help you prepare for success in your own job search and career development.
  • Pairs well with other subjects - Our program is flexible and pairs well with a number of other subjects, allowing students to individualize their degree to best fit their career goals. Students pursuing the Human Research Management Emphasis have the opportunity to complement their degree with a minor or double-maj​or in other areas of business which include financemarketingaccountingbusiness management, and international business​.
  • Valuable Internships - Internships are encouraged throughout the program in order to gain practical experience and professional networking.

  • Stay on track with faculty advisers - Each student is assigned a faculty adviser to help plan his or her curriculum, provide academic counseling and assist in career preparation.​
  • Interact with HR professionals-​ Through our community partners and faculty connections, you have opportunities to participate in human resource management activities with professionals at the local, state and national levels. This allows you to gain experience, additional skills and knowledge beyond the traditional classroom.

​​​Course & Curriculum

​At the University of Findlay, we are preparing the next generation of business leaders by providing them with both the foundational skills and in-depth knowledge required to be successful in the world of ​business. Undergraduate students in the College of Business work towards earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in an area of their choosing. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Human Resource Management Emphasis from the University of Findlay provides you with a holistic understanding of how businesses function, which will in turn help you meet the HR needs of a variety of businesses. ​Click the buttons below to view the courses and curriculum in catalog.


Outside of the Classroom

Networking and hands-on learning opportunities at Findlay are endless. Here are a few ways our students gain experience outside of the classroom:

Dana Scholars
The University of Findlay College of Business Dana Chair/Scholar Program provides business students the opportunity to connect higher education with the real world of business. Dana Scholars are chosen each semester by the College of Business faculty and are recognizes as outstanding students for their academic and leadership skills. Dana Scholars network with and learn from an area business professional who serves as the Dana Chair for the academic year.

Oiler Enterprises
Oiler Enterprises provides University of Findlay students with the opportunity to work in and run their own business and gain valuable life and business skills. Students of all majors participate in this program and many levels from developing the business to managing and serving as employees.

Society for Human Resource Management 
The Society f​or Human Resource Management, or SHRM, is the world's largest association dedicated to the human resource profession. SHRM has over 575 affiliated chapters within 140 countries globally. Students involved in SHRM at the University of Findlay engage in activities directly related to their future careers. Students gain experiential knowledge and networking with seasoned professionals by attending local SHRM chapter meetings.