​​​International Business​​​​

Your passport to global success starts with international business!

The business world is constantly c hanging.  It is full of diversity with corporations doing business beyond their borders to expand operations and production. There is a need to not only understand new cultures, but effectively conduct business for the benefit of everyone. This has led to many new career opportunities locally as well as internationally.

International business is a great area to distinguish yourself in the corporate world.  In the global marketplace, it is necessary to understand multi-cultural differences. Being successful within one’s own country is great but internationally you experience a whole new world of challenges. Customs and business etiquette are vastly different and a simple misunderstanding could mean the end of a business relationship.


The College of Business meets the highest standards of business education established b y ACBSP through learning outcomes, quality and continuous improvement.

With a bachelor degree in international business, you will be ready to accept positions that will not only increase your employability, but will provide opportunities for you to see the world.

Other Majors

Human Resource Mgt.
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

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