​Campus attractions

​Griffith Memorial Arch


The Griffith Memorial Arch honors the memory of Miss Caddie A. Griffith, Class of 1909. While in college, she was known for her “wit, intelligence, good looks, and — at 5’ 10” — her starring role on the girls’ basketball team.” She headed the Findlay College department of English in 1914-1916 and 1917-1918. Her parents erected the entrance to the College in 1923 in her memory after she died of intestinal flu while at Ohio Wesleyan. In 1990, the arch was moved and reconstructed 30 additional feet back from Main Street to allow more room for students to safely march through after graduation. Because the institution had been renamed in 1989, the back of the arch was inscribed with The University of Findlay and turned toward Main Street. The old Findlay College name now faces Old Main. 

According to superstition, this arch is the gateway to your future; if you enter or exit it without ceremony, your career will not succeed.

Oil Derrick Fountain


The classes of 1956 and 2006 presented their gift to The University during a special dedication ceremony during Homecoming Weekend 2006. The oil derrick and fountain stand proud on the northwest side of Croy Physical Education Center. The fountain was designed to replicate the oil derricks that adorned the Findlay community during the oil boom. 

Old Main Bell Tower

bell tower
As a gift from the classes of 1953 and 2003, the Old Main bell was restored and installed in a new tower on campus that was dedicated at Homecoming in 2003. A new tradition was started during Fall 2006 Commencement as the alumni director rang the bell six times (for 2006) before the start of baccalaureate services to welcome the graduates as alumni.​​