​​​hear from our education students​

Mitch Augenstein '14

Major: education (middle childhood) 

Hometown: Waldo, OH

"I love being an education major, because we are all family.  The door is open, and the professors truly care for their students."  -- Mitch

Teaching? This Is Why We Do It.

(written by UF students)

Teaching is all about

            Being a mentor.

            Being a “cheerleader” for your students.

                        It’s all about learning. 

Teaching is all about caring.

Teaching is all about

            Showing kids learning can be fun.

            Giving students an education.

                        It’s all about being imaginative.

Teaching is all about having fun. 

Teaching is all about

            Helping others learn to the best of their ability.

            Inspiring children to enjoy their education.

            Watching younger children grow.

                        It’s about inspiring and enlightening others.

Teaching is all about

            Making both educational and social memories.

            Watching a kid light up when they finally understand something.

                        It’s about educating kids on subjects they will use in life.

Teaching is all about teaching children to love learning.

Teaching is all about

            Watching a student grow and learn.

            Being a friend and giving an education that will never end.

                        It’s all about meeting the many needs of our students. 

Teaching is all about inspiring students to follow their dreams

            and helping them to reach the extremes. 

Teaching is all about

Investing your knowledge into future generations!

Helping others advance in their educational future.

            It’s about educating young children so you can see growth

            and change in a student over a period of time. 

Teaching is all about allowing others to follow their dreams.          


Written By: Hanadi Alzamil, Jasmine Bretz, Maddi Brown, Carolann Bulfaro, Ali Connelly, Danielle Cox, Kylie Givens, Erica Haverling, Janey Janka, Haley Lowry, Ila Lynch, Britney McIntosh, Nicole Monte, Taylor Murphy, Courtney Piatt, Sam Sayre, Sarah Schroeder, Mikhaila Scirocco, Kaitlin Sherman, Derek Spindler, Rebecka Stricker, Kristen Stupka, Brooke Warner, Shannon Zajec, and Allison Baer