​​​Clubhouse 3-2-1 Program​​

Spring 2021 Registration now CLOSED. 

Small-Group Tutoring

The 3-2-1 Program offers free small group (3:1) tutoring from Findlay undergraduate and graduate education students who are enrolled in the Integrated Reading Assessment and Instruction course.

The program is offered three different times through the year, with each session offering 10 tutoring sessions

  • September - November (one night per week)

  • January - April (one night per week)

  • June-July (four mornings per week)

Spring 2021 Registration​​

Due to the pandemic, all tutoring through the Clubhouse Reading Center will be done virtually.  The 3-2-1 Program can accept a total of 12 children and, as always, registration is first come, first served. 


Tutoring sessions will be 45 minutes long on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings and times will be determined by the parent and tutor.  Parents must guarantee that a stable internet connection and computer is available for tutoring and that they will commit to the same day and time for all sessions.  If an emergency arises, we ask that the parent contact the tutor to arrange for another session for that week.  Please remember that the tutors in this program are all enrolled in the fourth of four required Reading courses for their teaching license and working with your child is one of their key assignments.


I can guarantee that your child will have a positive learning experience through the 3-2-1 Program even though this will be virtual!  These tutors are creative and quite fun and their tutoring will be based on your child's reading skills and needs.


Please read the schedule below before registering your child and note the dates.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Allison L. Baer, Director at [email protected].​​

Spring 2021​ Schedule

Session #1 - February 2
Session #1 - February 4
Session #2 - February 9
Session #2 - February 11
​Session #3 - February 16
Session #3 - February 18
Session #4 - February 23
Session #4 - February 25
​March 2 - No tutoring: UF break
Session #5 - March 4
Session #5 - ​March 9
Session #6 - March 11
Session #6 - March 16
Session #7 - March 18​
Session #7 - ​March 23
Session #8 - March 25
Session #8 - March 30
April 1 - No tutoring: Easter break
Session #9 - April 6
Session #9 - April 8​
​Session #10 - April 13
Session #10 - ​April 15​

Open to all readers grade one through nine. Preregistration is required.