doctor of education degree plan


Term 1
​Fall (expected total hours for term 9-12)
​EDUC 700 ​Writing as a Doctoral Scholar ​3 semester hours
​EDUC 701

Orientation to Doctoral Study

​3 semester hours
​3 semester hours per course
​Term II

​Spring (expected total hours per course 9-12)

​EDUC 703

​Policy Analysis: Political and Legal Principles

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 705

Strategic Planning & Continuous Improvement

3 semester hours​
​Elective(s) 3 semester hours per course​
​Term III

​Summer (expected total hours for term 10-13)

​EDUC 707

​Global Dimensions and Perspectives on Diversity

3 semester hours​
​EDUC 750

Research I: Literature Review​

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 751

Research I: Dissertation * **

*Course includes participation in Summer Institute.

** Comprehensive Examination required upon completion.

1 semester hour​
​Elective(s) 3 semester hours per course​
Term IV​ ​Fall (expected total hours for term 9-12)
​EDUC 709

​Performance Management: Practices for Effective Leadership

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 711

​Influential Thinkers: Selected Readings and Critical Analysis

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 760

​Research II: Educational Research and Measurement

​3 semester hours
​Term V

​Spring (expected total hours for term 10-13)

​EDUC 713

Innovation and Information Literacy

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 715

​Inviting Environments to Facilitate the Affective Domain

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 770

​Research III: Research Design and Proposal Development

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 771

​Research III: Dissertation*

*Dissertation proposal is approved before completion.

​1 semester hour

​Term VI

​Summer (expected total hours for term 7-13)

​EDUC 780

Research IV: Statistical Analysis Coaching

​3 semester hours
​EDUC 781

​Research IV: Dissertation*

*Dissertation is completed after EDUC 780.

​1 semester hour
​Elective(s) ​3 semester hours per course
​Term VII

​Fall/Spring (expected total hours for term 6-9)

EDUC 790

​Dissemination of Research*

*Dissertation is presented at Summer Institute after EDUC 790.

​3 semester hours
​Elective(s) ​3 semester hours per course
For more information, contact John Gillham, Ed.D., Chair, Ed.D. Program, College of Education,​.