Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement​​​

​Courses offered online!

For teachers currently holding an Early Childhood (EC) Education​ license, adding an Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement allows you to teach all core academic content areas in grades four and five.​ Findlay's ​nine credit hour Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement is offered as a combination of online courses and field work that can be completed in your current teaching placement. This will prepare you for passage of the Ohio Assessment for Educators Elementary Education Test (Subtest I 018) and (Subtest II 019).​ 

State of Ohio requirements for an Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement

  • Holder of a valid teaching Early Childhood Education license 
  • At least nine semester hours of study aligned with the Ohio academic content standards including 40 hours of field work
  • Passage of the State Examination

​​Findlay's Early Childhood Generalist Curriculum

​​Each of these courses provide specific content and concepts as well as pedagogy in a specific content area which will help fulfill​ the state required content hours​​​​​. We focus on current practices and innovations in fourth and fifth grade curriculum and state and national standard levels will be examined. You will learn how to integrate new teaching methods and practices that encourage the development of higher-​order thinking skills in your students. In each of these courses you will construct and design instructional strategies for content and performance standards at the fourth and fifth ​grade levels and also design a two week integrated, multi-disciplinary unit. During your time here you will get to participate in hands-on activities yourself and apply them in your own classroom. 

​​Required Courses​

  • Mathematics Teaching for ​​Grades 4 and 5 (EDSP 554)
  • Science Teaching for Grades 4 and 5 (EDSP 555)
  • Social Studies Teaching for Grades 4 and 5 (EDSP 556)