​​​​​​Educational Technology Endorsement​​

Findlay's Educational Technology Endorsement is a six-course, fully online program that can be completed in three semesters. These classes will also fulfill the Educational Technology emphasis of Findlay's Master of Arts in Education program and will apply as credits taken if you choose to pursue your master's within the next seven years.  Educational technology is constantly changing, upgrade your pedagogy with this endorsement.

State of Ohio requirements for a Computer Technology Endorsement

  • Holder of a valid teaching license 
  • Passage of Ohio Assessment Exam  Subtests 016 & 017
  • Submission of the Initial Ohio Teaching License Application for  the Computer/Technology Endorsement

Findlay's Educational Technology Endorsement consists of 6 courses

Technology Integration (EDFI 560)

Learn, apply, evaluate and create technology-based learning experiences for P-12 students and adult learners. In this course, you will design technology-based learning experiences around different content areas that can be implemented in your own classroom and discover ways in which technology can help your students assume professional roles, research real-world problems, collaborate with others and produce products that are meaningful and useful.  

Curriculum and Instruction for Online Learners ( EDFI 565)

Students from kindergarten to college now have the option of taking courses online and, even when students are in the classroom, traditional teaching methods are being updated with technological resources. Students in this course will design and implement online learning experiences that employ effective online instructional and collaborative learning strategies to maximize, maintain and manage student use of online digital tools.

Assessment and Data-Driven Decisions for Online Learners (EDFI 570)

Differentiating assessments has never been easier thanks to computer programming. Create online assessments that can autom​atically adjust it's content, process, product and learning environments based on students readiness levels, learning styles, interests and personal goals. Formative and summative assessments will be addressed. 

Current Issues in Educational Technology (EDFI 575)

Through the power of the Internet, the world has never been more connected and every individual has the opportunity to make a difference. This course will help you make your students the model of digital citizenship by teaching them best practices and facilitating safe, healthy, legal, and ethical uses of digital information and technologies 

Organization and Management of Educational Technology (EDFI 580)

Learn how to create change beyond your own classroom. In this course, you will participate in the development and implementation of a comprehensive integration of technology at a school building and district level. 

Practicum in Educational Technology (EDFI 585)

You've learned the skills, now it's time to apply them. This course puts you in the field where you will conduct needs assessments, develop technology-related professional learning programs and evaluate the impact on instructional practice and student learning in a P-12 district.