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Waste to Energy: Incorporation of renewable energy and sustainable practices in the classroom

Monday, June 3 2019

Cost: All credit hours fees and meals will be paid for through a grant from Columbia Gas

STEM teachers from Northwest Ohio are invited to Findlay's campus to begin the process of developing novel curriculum to incorporate into their own classrooms. This workshop will showcase the importance of alternative fuels like biodiesel and demonstrate how the production and utilization of fuel from waste oil can make a significant impact on the Northwest Ohio economy and community as a whole. 

As a part of this workshop, participating education will receive:

  • Hands-on experience in the lab working with biodiesel production and testing
  • One credit hour of workshop credit through Findlay's Master of Arts in Education Program 
  • Expenses paid for related costs such as fees and meals
  • $1000 stipend for the purchase of equipment and supplies related to the incorporation of a new curriculum developed around this workshop

Teachers will have the option of obtaining an additional two hours of workshop credit through the development and implementation of their sustainability curriculum into their own courses. This will include a competition between participating schools for the best “waste to energy” biodiesel curriculum developed. A $500 prize will be awarded to the school with the strongest and most creative project. This award money can be used by the winning school to further integrate this type of STEM content into their curriculum.


Please register by May 3 for this workshop

Available spaces for this workshop are limited. Additionally, no more than one teacher per school with an Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) Science license (any content area or integrated) or Middle Childhood (MC) Science license will be selected to attend. Click the link below to submit yourself or a fellow teacher for consideration to attend this workshop. After the teachers have been chosen, they will be asked to apply through our graduate program to obtain credit hour. 

Is your school district interested in offering professional development for educators? 

The Office of Graduate Outreach and Partnerships can work with you to offer graduate credit from The University of Findlay for a professional development course.  Teacher in-service sessions, workshops, book studies, Entry Year programs and other professional development activities can be set up as graduate courses, so long as they meet the requirements for contact hours and course performance objectives.  We can offer your course participants graduate credit at the reduced rate of $190.00 per credit hour and waive the usual application fee. 

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to initiate a professional development project at your school: 

  1. All instructors must hold a master’s degree and must have submitted a current resume (up to one year old) for our files.

  2. Instructors must complete a Graduate and Professional Development Application  for the professional development offering by clicking on the link. 

  3. Once the application is approved, you will be sent instructions to share with your teachers for completing the online application to the University.  Teachers will also need to submit an official transcript of their bachelor’s degree if one is not already on file at UF.

  4. After registration is completed, you will be sent a grade sheet.  On the grade sheet, you (the instructor) must verify the students' attendance, assign a letter grade (no S/U's or P/F's permitted) for each student, sign, and date the form. Email or fax the grade sheet back to Gwynne Rife immediately after the last day of the workshop.

We process numerous courses per semester; please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your course is a success.   

The Office of Graduate Outreach and Partnerships is subject to all of The University of Findlay’s regular policies and procedures pertaining to registration, attendance and financial responsibilities of the students. Courses are held within The University of Findlay’s semester time frames. Contact hours for graduate semester hours are as follows:

12.5 contact hours = 1 semester hour
  • 25 contact hours = 2 semester hours, and

  • 37.5 contact hours = 3 semester hours.

Apply as a participant for a Workshop

1. Click the link above

2. Find "Workshop" row under the College of Education

3. Choose which semester you will be participating in the workshop

4. Follow the link and create your MyFindlay account

5. Apply

If you have questions about the workshops contact Gwynne Rife, Ph.D. at 419-434-4724 or at [email protected].