Advisory Boards and Councils

Alumni Association Board of Governors

Dee Dee Spraw,, 419-434-4589

Bequest and Planned Gift Council

Contact Charlie Shepard,, 419-434-4628

College of Business Advisory Board

Contact Paul Sears, Ph.D.,, 419-434-4439

College of Business Marketing Advisory Board

Contact Paul Sears, Ph.D.,, 419-434-4439

College of Education Advisory Council

Contact Julie McIntosh, Ed.D.,, 419-434-4062

College of Pharmacy Advisory Board

Contact Don Stansloski, R.Ph., Ph.D.,, 419-434-5327

Curtain Raisers Society for the Performing Arts

Contact Micheal F. Anders, Ph.D.,, 419-434-4717


Department of Accountancy Advisory Board

Contact Patricia Abels, DBA, CPA,, 419-434-4461

DPT Advisory Board (physical therapy)

Health Informatics Advisory Committee

Contact John Richey,, 419-434-5594

Mazza Enthusiast Board

Contact Barbara Meyers,


Mazza National Board of Visitors

Contact Dr. Alec Reinhardt,

Nuclear Medicine Institute Advisory Board

Contact either:

Ryan Smith, Ed.D.,, 419-434-6102

Lori Kloman Williamson, C.N.M.T.,, 419-434-4448

Nursing Program Advisory Board


Social Work Advisory Council

Contact Robin Walters-Powell,, 419-434-6955

Sports and Event Management and Hospitality Advisory Board

Contact John Wolper, Ed.D.,, 419-434-6949

University Colleagues Advisory Board

Contact Ed Hyland, Ph.D.,, 419-434-4140