​Related Fields​


Biomedical and Health Informatics  

Diagram of Health Informatics and Related Fields

Starting at the lower section of the diagram - Management ScienceComputer ​Science, and Cognitive Science are the theoretical foundations of the profession.

A little higher in the diagram, health informaticians routinely apply their information and communication technology skills in the human-computer interface; assisting stakeholders with their information needs.

The upper section of the diagram shows health informatics, various related fields, and overlapping areas among them.

The dark gray areas are the disciplines from which students typically earn their bachelor's degrees and enter the profession:  Health Information Technology/Management and Medical Librarians; various clinical disciplines; Public Health; and Biomedical Engineering. Students may also enter the profession from the Business discipline, with additional preparation in the health sciences and computer science.

Health informaticians perform their work, make a difference and add value in all of these areas.