​Test Your PC​​

​​Please take a few moments to prepare and test your computer to assure that you can easily access and use the required Collaborate application.

A Word document is provided in the link below, which contains step-by-step instructions for completing your PC test.  Please read the remainder of this page, then click this link - Test Your PC.

To get started, first, be sure to test the specific computer which you plan to use to access Collaborate. From that computer, click this link - Collaborate Test Session.

​If this is the first time you have ever used Collaborate:
  • JAVA software may be automatically downloaded to your PC, which may take a few minutes, depending upon your Internet connection speed
  • You may be prompted to select your computer’s type of internet connection (LAN, Cable, DSL)
  • You may get a message “”By joining this session, I agree to the Session Participation Agreement”, click “I Agree” then you can view the Collaborate Session

For additional 24/7 Collaborate support, please call 866-388-8674 (ext. 2) or click this link - Collaborate Support Page.