​Welcome to health and physical educatio​N

Welcome to The University of Findlay and the Health and Physical Education Program. As program director, I invite you to visit our campus, participate in a class and discuss options available for your future career in health, physical education and related fields.


Physical education is based upon acquisition of knowledge and skills providing a foundation for engaging in physical activity. At The University of Findlay, we believe that acquiring these skills are not enough. Students in our program learn ways to combine their passions for quality of life with creative strategies for engaging and teaching students of all ages. The University is equipped with outstanding facilities to provide opportunities for innovative, age-appropriate knowledge and skills at a time when health-related issues are receiving timely attention in America’s schools.


Our mission is to empower our students through a sequential educational program based upon physical activities in an active and caring environment. Our staff consists of highly successful and experienced teachers and coaches eager to provide a supportive and nonthreatening atmosphere in which every student will be challenged and successful.


Best wishes as you continue your educational future. Come visit us soon!





Joyce M. Jackson

Instructor and Director of Health and Physical Education Program