Conference Activities​

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Conference

Faculty and students attended the 2015 American Occupational Therapy Association national conference in Nashville, TN in April, 2015.






Faculty and students represented UF as presenters

  • Yes We Can: Meeting the Occupational Needs of Society Using a Step-by-Step Approach (Dr. M. Dillon, Dr. T. Griffiths)
  • Leading the Way: Using Occupational Therapy's Distinct Lens to Help Those in Poverty Live Better With What They Have (Dr. L. Schmelzer with Dr. T. Leto, U. of Davenport)
  • Bridging the Gap to Successful Community Re-Entry Using Aftercare OT Interventions: A Case Study of Ex-Offenders (Dr. T. Griffiths, Dr. M. Dillon, Dr. T. Dillon; Students: K. Burke, B. Guice, S. Fisher, J. Frisch, A. Lock, R. Mack, J. Seeger, T. Vaughn)
  • Conversations that Matter-OT in Correctional Settings (Dr. M. Dillon, with Dr. J. Munoz,  Dr. S. Rogers)
  • Educational Programming and Outreach Services: How Senior Centers and OTs Can Empower the Alzheimer's Disease Community! (Dr. L. Buddelmeyer)
  • Get Out and Stay Out! Inmates Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy Programming in a County Jail (Students: S. Lynn, K. Fritz, C. Gilson, A. Albrecht, A. Adkins, L. Speck, C. Myers, L. Blair; Dr. T. Griffiths, Dr. M. Dillon)
  • Big Fish from Small Academic Ponds: Preparing Students for Primary Care. (Dr. M. Dillon with Dr. V. Smith, Dr. D. Walkovich, Dr. D. Long, Dr. M. Bennett)
  • OT in the US Criminal Justice System: Education, Expertise, & Evidence (Dr. M. Dillon with Dr. J. Munoz, A. Sitterly, E. Moreton)

2015 American Occupational Therapy Association National Conference