Student Research​

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Traditional Graduate Students

The class of 2014 presented the results of their completed research projects January 8, 2015 on the following topics:

  • Older Adults Perceptions of Client-Centered Care During Hospitalization (S. Ball, T. Hrenko, N. Kahle, C. Reese, L. Schaufler; Advisor-Dr. R. King)
  • Getting Further Ahead: Living Better with What You Have (C. Baker, D. Bruskotter, T. Hall, H. Maxwell, C. Orr, L. Stacy, B. Young; Advisors-Dr. L. Schmelzer, Dr. T. Leto)
  • ​Does Occupational Therapy Programming Equip Inmates with the Necessary Life Skills for Successful Community Re-entry? (K. Brown, B. Kaufman, L. Kelly, E. Kronander, K. McAlister, A. Ruz, H. Speckhart, L. Ventura, K. Yoder; Advisors-Dr. M. Dillon, Dr. T. Griffiths)

Weekend Graduate Students

Weekend graduates students from the class of 2015 presented the results of their completed research projects on July 10, 2015 on the following topics:

  • Empowering Marginalized Populations to Overcome Food Insecurity (H. Jackson, N. Martin, C. Schroeder, S. Zukas); Advisor-Dr. L. Schmelzer)
  • Get Out and Stay Out! Inmates' Perceptions of the Effectivenss of Occupational Therapy Programming in a County Jail (C. Gilson, Laura Bair, Amy Adkins, Stacey Lynn, Chris Meyers, Kelly Fritz, Aaron Albrecht, LaToya Speck); Advisors- -Dr. T. Griffiths, Dr. M. Dillon)
  • Getting Further Ahead: Maximizing Resources in an Occupation-
    Based Program (A. Kittle, M. Paparone, W. Schuschke, Kristen Wesche; Advisor-Dr. L. Schmelzer)