​Career Opportunities​

​​Career Options

PET/CT technologists have a wide variety of alternative career paths available, including:

  • Senior staff technologist in PET/CT

  • Research PET/CT technologist

  • Technology program educator

  • Chief PET/CT technologist

  • Team leader, lead or supervisor

  • Hospital administrator

  • Industry sales representative, technical specialist

  • Research-and-development specialist

An Exciting Future

Positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) will continue to be a field at the forefront of modern clinical medicine and technological development. The future has never been brighter thanks to:

  • The development of new positron emission tomography radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

  • Promising research and development of cancer-detecting and cancer-killing agents, such as genetically engineered antibodies

  • Instrumental in novel developments of new PET radiopharmaceuticals for use in diagnosis of neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

  • The expanding clinical use of PET/CT in an effort to discover other possibilities of studying biochemistry and metabolism within living tissues.

The PET/CT program affords students with opportunities to combine a solid education with career studies. As the field of PET/CT continues to develop and equipment becomes more sophisticated, students who posses the correct technical skills, along with the broad educational background, will continue to be in demand throughout the world.

A Variety of Opportunities
PET/CT technologists work in a wide variety of clinical settings, such as

  • Community hospitals

  • University-affiliated teaching hospitals and medical centers

  • Outpatient imaging facilities

  • Public health institutions
  • ​​​Education - as faculty, clinical instructor or program educator​
  • Government and private research institutes

Salaries in PET/CT are among the highest within the radiologic field. Salaries tend to vary with geographic regions and cost of living.