Physical Therapy Points of Pride​​​​

Physical Therapy The Physical Therapy Program works very hard to give you the best education possible! Here are some areas we are proud to talk about:

  • Our program is one of only two in the state of Ohio that offers a 3 + 3 program; three years of pre-professional study (general education and pre-requisites) and three years of professional study (PT program curriculum).

  • We are the only program in the nation that offers a PTA to DPT Bridge Program for Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) to obtain their DPT degree.
  • Findlay's PT students taking the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) have a three-year (2012-2014) ultimate pass rate of:

    • 91% for the Traditional PT Program

    • 94.7% for the PTA to DPT Bridge Program

  • 100% employment within six months of passing the licensure exam for both Traditional and the PTA to DPT Bridge Program.

  • Average graduation rate over the last three years:
    • 98% for the Traditional PT Program
    • 91% for the PTA to DPT Bridge Program
  • We offer dedicated classroom and laboratory spaces with faculty-to-student clinical laboratory course ratio of 1:16.

  • Our faculty has an average of 20 years of clinical experience and 14 years of teaching experience.

  • We place a high emphasis on clinical experiential learning with a total of 33 weeks of clinical education in the Traditional Program and 26 weeks in the PTA to DPT Bridge Program.

  • We have a state of the art research laboratory including a 3-dimensional gait analysis system.

  • From 2009-2011, over 40 student/faculty research projects were accepted for presentation at state or national peer-reviewed conferences.

  • Service learning opportunities include a six-week pro-bono clinic for treatment of adults and children with neurological diagnoses, and a trip to Honduras to provide locals with pro-bono PT services.

  • Many of our students secure employment prior to graduation.