​social work Points of Pride​​​

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  • More than 95 percent of our graduates have either found employment or entered graduate school within three months of graduation
  • ​​​Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education​ (CSWE) since 1995

  • Smaller class sizes allow for more personal attention with faculty

  • Transfer students​ can easily migrate into our program.

  • Almost 90 percent of our graduates are able to meet all requirements and obtain professional licensure immediately upon graduation

  • Our graduates have been admitted to graduate schools in social work, the law, liberal studies, and public administration in eight states

  • All of our faculty have extensive professional practice experience

  • Outstanding field placement possibilities in both rural and urban settings

  • An active social work club

  • An active chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society​

Social work is a developing profession in Vietnam and the universities are trying to create professional programs and internship opportunities for students there.

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