Honors Checklist

​Honors Program Checklist Student Name __________________________________________________

Date Entering Program _________________________________________________________________ 

Required Courses 

_______________ HNRS 370 Scholarship of Diversity (3 hrs) Spring Semester 
_______________ HNRS 371 Scholarship of Logic & Problem Solving (3 hrs) Fall Semester _______________ HNRS 372 Scholarship of Critical Thinking & Evidence Based Practice (3 hrs) Spring Semester 
_______________ HNRS 373 Scholarship of Creativity (3 hrs) Fall Semester 
_______________ HNRS 495 Final Honors Project (4 hrs) 

____  Submit Pre-proposal (one year ahead of project, one semester ahead of Proposal (Deadlines: Oct 15, March 15 for project following year, respectively) 

____ Submit Proposal to Honors Advisory Board (Deadlines: Oct 15 for following Spring Project & March 15 for following Fall Project) 

_____ Submit work for IRB approval (if necessary) 

_____ Complete Project and present work at Biannual Meeting and at SSC (or other appropriate public venue) 
_____ Complete Project one semester prior to graduation 

_____ Submit paper/portfolio to Honors Chair (final paper/portfolio should be of “publishable” quality) 

GPA Requirement (> 3.5 GPA) & Semester Meeting Year Semester