​Honors Program Student Adviser Information

Responsibilities of Academic Adviser

  1. Remind student they must take four required honors courses (3 hrs each)
    1. HNRS 371 and 373 are offered in Fall Semester
    2. HNRS 370 and 372 are offered in Spring Semester 
  2. Remind student of Honors Research Project requirements and timeline 
  3. An honors student that is active* and in good standing** in the program will be allowed to have a tuition waiver for a maximum of 6 semester hours of overload credit. 

* An active student is one that is taking an honors course during that semester.
** An honors student is in good standing in the honors program if their GPA is >3.5 and they have attended all required convocation meetings.

Responsibilities of Research Adviser

  1. Assist student in developing a hypothesis or plan for a project
  2. Guide the student in doing background research and developing the research methods
  3. Ensure the student gets IRB permissions if necessary
  4. Ensure that the student collects and analyzes the gathered data with proper methods and integrity
  5. Ensure that the student presents the results of the project  
    a. At Honors Convocation 
    b. At SSC or another public venue 
    c. Written in a publishable format