​​​Canvas Migration

9/27/​2018 Update

As you've seen in prior emails, the migration to Canvas is well underway. We will continue to provide campus with regular updates throughout this process and offer many opportunities for training.


We have two updates to share. First, please make note that Starfish will only reside in Canvas starting in Spring 2019. It will not be available in Blackboard. 


Second, Spring 2019 will be the last semester that courses can be taught in Blackboard. All courses will be taught in Canvas starting in Summer 2019 with Summer Block 1. If you haven't migrated any courses over to Canvas yet, we highly recommend getting them migrated for the Spring 2019 semester. This gives you ample time to work with our staff to ensure a successful transition.


The Academic Technology Services (ATS) team is always available to help and support faculty. Consider taking advantage of the following Canvas resources:

  • Visit our UF Canvas webpage. The Canvas Quickstart for Faculty provides a great overview, as well as the information included in the Resources tab and the Accessing Canvas tab (which includes sample courses).
  • Register for our exclusive Canvas training during the week of October 22. Activities that will be offered include: Panel Discussion with faculty who are using Canvas; trainer-led Canvas training from Wednesday, October 24 – Friday, October 26; and a special Q&A lunch presentation by the Canvas trainer. Training sessions have been broken into one-hour time frames to allow faculty to choose sessions/topics that fit into their teaching schedule. NOTE: These workshops will also be repeated in late Spring/Summer 2019.
  • Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) has a video series dedicated to Canvas that's about an hour long. Click here and sign in with your UF credentials, or access Hoonuit from the Resources Tab in Blackboard.
  • Send in a Help Desk ticket if you would like to request one-on-one or group training with ATS.

We also recommend backing up past courses you need to reference or copy to future courses. Please refer to the Help Desk article How To Export a Course From Blackboard. These exports can be saved in Google Drive until the course is available in Canvas.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have as we go through the transition!