​​11/2/2018 U​pdate

We will continue to provide the campus community with regular updates and training throughout the Blackboard-->Canvas migration process. Currently, we would like to share several updates regarding Canvas:

  1. Spring 2019 courses are now becoming visible in Canvas as students register/enroll in classes. Additionally, changes have been made to the naming protocol for all future courses and sections beginning with the Spring 2019 semester. The intent is to allow for easier course identification. In the past, some courses had very similar course names, and those names were incredibly lengthy … so, the entire name of the course was not being shown for view. Now, these course titles are shown in their entirety. Another positive addition is the CourseID# and session being added to the beginning of the course names. Here is an example of the change: 

    • CourseID# = TEST362_01_FA2018

    • Previous Course Name Protocol = Intro to Proper Course -01

    • Future Course Name Protocol = TEST362_FA18 – Intro to Proper Course Creation and Deployment -01

As a result of this change, you and your students will have an easier time identifying courses from the “All Courses” list. This will also be helpful when you are attempting to send students a message from the Inbox. Finally, sections will no longer be titled “Live, Online, Night, or CCP”. The name of your sections will be titled exactly as they are displayed with the CourseID#. This will help with identification of sections when a course has been cross-listed for grading, assignments, or other functions.

  1. All instructors will now have the ability to add additional people to their courses with specific roles. These roles include:

    • Teacher

    • TA (Teaching Assistant)

    • Observer

    • Designer

Instructions on how to perform these additions can be found here: https://helpdesk.findlay.edu/support/solutions/articles/13000057159-instructors-permissions-and-roles-in-canvas. By Tuesday, November 6th, a chart with the Canvas roles and list of permissions will be posted at https://www.findlay.edu/lms under the Resources Tab.

Please remember that no new courses will be available in Blackboard for Summer 2019. Plan to back up your courses from Blackboard for any class you feel you will have to refer to in the future. If you need help backing up your courses or migrating courses from Blackboard to Canvas, please contact the Help Desk.​​