Canvas Quickstart for Faculty

​Log in: Go to Click the Canvas icon, and log in using your UFnet username and password.

New to Canvas? Video Training Series: Canvas Instructor (Hoonuit)

Need help setting up your course? Canvas Course Setup Checklist

Tell your students you’re using Canvas

Let your students know you are using Canvas, and direct them to the log-in page and the orientation video. We recommend emailing them at least one week before classes start. You are welcome to adapt the message below as you see fit:


This course will be taught in Canvas. If you are still using Blackboard for other classes, you may still see the Blackboard version of this course. The Blackboard version of this course is empty and should be ignored. Please only log in to Canvas.

Log into Canvas

Go to Click the Canvas icon and log in using your UFnet username and password.

If you are new to Canvas, I highly recommend viewing the following resources:

Ask For Help​
Click the ? icon in the grey navigation bar to open the help menu. You have access to 24/7 live chat and phone support, as well as the searchable Canvas Guides. If you are having a hard time adapting to Canvas, please do not hesitate to ask for help!

Professor Smith

What to do with your Blackboard course

Courses are currently being created in both Canvas and Blackboard. Here are a few options to help minimize confusion for your students. Whatever you decide, communicate this to your students in the email referenced above:

Option 1: Make your Blackboard course unavailable so it is not visible to students under “My Courses.” Adapt the message above to say, “If you are still using Blackboard for other classes, you will not see this course in ‘My Courses.’ Please only log in to Canvas.”

Option 2: Keep your Blackboard course available, but post the same email you plan to send to your students as an Announcement. Then hide or remove all other navigation items from your Blackboard course menu, leaving only that one announcement.

Learner Support Services in Help Menu

A consolidated version of our Blackboard Learner Support documents is available in the Canvas Help menu, titled “Learner Support Services.” You are welcome to link to this new document along with other course-specific support resources you may be adding to your course. Please delete old links copied from Blackboard as those documents will no longer be updated.