Canvas Pilot - Midpoint Update

​Greetings UF community!

We've reached the midpoint of our Spring 2018 Canvas pilot - participants have been asked to provide feedback on their initial impressions of the learning platform early in the semester and will have another chance to reflect on their experience as a whole towards the end of the semester. The majority of students and faculty in the pilot have reported having a positive experience so far. The full survey summary and general pilot information are available here: Canvas Pilot Summary.

Next Steps

Project members will meet in April to discuss pilot feedback and the feasibility of switching to Canvas. The official recommendation will then be presented to Cabinet in May. IF (and it is an if still) we decide to switch to Canvas, we want to be proactive. Our team is working on a migration and training plan, with work beginning as soon as a contract is signed. We'd like to have some early adopters start using Canvas this summer, then deliver the majority of our courses in Canvas in Fall 2018. All remaining courses will be transitioned in Spring 2019. Although it should go without saying, if we choose to stay with Blackboard, nothing changes.

Call for Early Adopters - Summer 2018

Fill out the following form if you are interested in teaching in Canvas this summer. If you'll be migrating content from Blackboard, please have the exact courseIDs ready (e.g., ABC123_71_SP2018).

Sign up now:

As always, please feel free to reach out with any question, comments, or concerns you may have regarding this LMS review.

C. Damon Osborne, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Interim Dean for the College of Business