Migration Timeline

Implementation & Migration

Summer 2018 - Fall 2019

Canvas has been chosen as the new LMS, and migration will begin this summer. ITS, CTE, and Uf Online will be working on the migration of content and training for faculty, staff and students. At this time, the LMS Evaluation Task Force is being converted into an LMS Advisory Group for ongoing examination of our academic ecosystem.

Proposed Migration Schedule
  • ​​Summe​r 2018 - Early Adopters begin using Canvas. Mass data migration, begin course cleanup or development for Fall 2018 delivery.
  • Fall 2018 - 50-60% of courses delivered in Canvas, continue course cleanup/development.
  • Spring 2019 - 80-100% of courses delivered in Canvas. All remaining courses cleaned up or developed for Summer 2019 delivery.
  • Summer 2019 - All courses fully migrated and taught in Canvas. Last chance to backup Blackboard courses.
  • Blackboard contract ends Aug 31, 2019.