​Art Management

Blend your creative side with your organizational talents! 

Findlay's art management bachelor's degree program offers a combination of studio and art history experiences along with course work in business administration, accounting, economics and marketing. This major prepares you for administrative positions related to galleries, museums and art centers. 


You will learn a core set of skills that will prepare you to:

  • Organize and promote artists, events and galleries
  • Negotiate the purchase or sale of art pieces
  • Manage projects
  • Monitor and manage funds
University of Findlay's Mazza Museum director Ben Sapp  

Some careers you can explore with an art management degree include:

  • Art director
  • Art manager
  • Curator
  • Art supervisor
  • Fundraiser
  • Event coordinator 

You will also receive hands-on experience with the University of Findlay being home to t he Mazza Museum.   With over 7,000 works on display, the Mazza is the world's largest museum devoted to literacy and the art of children's picture books.  

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