​​Psychology Points of Pride​​​​

Psychology Lab that allows students and faculty to conduct research and complete experiments that are presented at local, state or national conferences

Psychology students have one-on-one mentorship with faculty who advise students until graduation

55-70% of our graduates have successfully transitioned to graduate school
Psy Key Club
Psychology students have the opportunity to join the Psy-Key Club, a student organization run by elected student officers. The group gathers to discuss psychological issues, take field trips, host guest speakers on campus and socialize in a fun atmosphere

Experiential learning is gained in many ways. One of which is through internships within the local community. Students are offered opportunities to work in nursing homes, schools, mental health centers, day care facilities and other agencies.

 Strong Alumni Network

Alumni Map_College of Liberal Arts_Dec 2015Open Gallery
A large alumni network with strong engagement. (click on the picture to enlarge)
This chart represents a snapshot of those who graduated from COLA and indicated where they reside.  If you are an alumni, we would love to stay connected. Click here to update us on where you are .