​​​​​​​​​​Forensic Science​​​​​​

Biology, chemistry or both?

Forensic Science Major

Students interested in forensic science may either select from one of two majors or decide to dual major in one of these areas:

Forensic biology is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the area of testing biological material for DNA.

Forensic chemistry is designed for students who choose a career in working with drugs, unknown materials and trace evidence analysis such as paint, glass, fibers, hairs, latent prints, firearms examination and other areas. 

You will learn techniques involving:

Firearms identification                Forensic biology          DNA

Crime scene investigation          Latent prints                 Trace evidence










Forensic Science Student of the Year Award

2008-09                   Kelsey Degen   
2009-10                   Eric Rodeheaver   
2010-11                   Randi Marie Depp
2011-12                   Clarinda Ellison
2012-13                   Justin Michael Rodriguez
2013-14                   Jestines Horn
2014-15                   Hailee Hedges
2015-16                   Joan Baughman