​Children's Book Illustration​​​​

Holding the world children's book illustration

Children's book illustration: 

See the world through the eyes of a child!

With a bachelor's degree in children's book illustration you will not only be instructed in the ways of studio art and illustration, but you will learn vital skills necessary to understand how children and adolescents learn and comprehend.

Professional practices in art are studied in order to understand how to submit illustrations and manuscripts to publishers as well as an overall view of how the publishing industry conducts business.


The University of Findlay campus offers limitless diverse opportunities that cannot be found within the boundaries of an art institute.  Students who study at UF also have a huge advantage over their counterparts with the university being home of the Mazza Museum.


Mazza Museum 

The Mazza Museum is the world's first and most diverse collection of children's book illustrations.  Well known authors and illustrators, such as Eric Carle and Dr. Suess, have visited the museum for various events and activities.  


Shaun Gentry  

In addition to creating a storyboard for a children's book, students will graduate with an impressive portfolio with a strong foundation in:

  • Visual fundamentals

  • Digital Design

  • Drawing

  • History of Art

  • Painting

  • Printmaking

  • Typography

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