​Political Science

Are you debating about majoring in political science?

The political science major at The University of Findlay offers courses that focus on several areas within the discipline. 

Our program introduces you to the subjects of:     

  • American politics
  • Comparative politics 
  • International relations 
  • Political theory 
  • P ublic administration 

Click above to hear Justin Stoll explain why he chose to come to The University of Findlay and how he chose to study political science.
The major objective of the program is to provide you with exposure to the many areas of study within the political science realm so that you are prepared to make knowledgeable decisions regarding future career and academic choices. You may also choose to minor in either political science or public administration.

There's no need to declare an emphasis in a particular area. However, it is possible to gain further specialization through advanced course work and directed study with a political science instructor.