Key Benefits​

​Earn a Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing because:

UF is one of only two private schools in Ohio that offers this program, we focus on one-on-one course and career advising. Students in the program are offered a variety of classes and times to meet program requirements, and the night class and summer schedule is flexible for working adults. 

1) The University of Findlay’s Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing is a high quality, face to face, rigorous graduate program with strong faculty support for students. It is our mission to make every class session you attend worthwhile and productive. We also believe that our students benefit from experiential learning and we offer funding for conferences and off campus field trips. All students are prepared to present at conferences and publish journal articles as a result.Rhetoric and Writing degree

2) You will improve your writing as a result of completing this degree​​​. Unlike many other English MA degrees, we focus on your writing in addition to preparing for a career in teaching, editing, publishing, business, or other fields. We offer one full course on graduate study in writing and the core classes provide regular feedback on your print and digital compositions.


3) In addition to a focus on traditional graduate writing, our MARW program focuses on digital communication and writing in all of our core classes. We teach all students to make webpages using Dreamweaver and Adobe Creative Suite, videos using iMovie and Windows Moviemaker Live, and podcasts using a range of audio composing software. You will learn to compose in both print and digital environments and your thesis can be a traditional print thesis or a digital webtext.


4) We emphasize career or graduate school preparation from the start of the Rhetoric and Writing degreeprogram. Every fall, the MARW program hosts a Career Speaker Series as part of ENGL 500: Introduction to the Field of Rhetoric and Writing course instruction. The goal of the Career Speaker series is to educate MARW students about the wide range of employment and educational opportunities available to program graduates and to provide professional networking opportunities.


5) Our Visiting Scholar program ensures all MARW students have several days of intensive instruction from leaders and journal editors in the field of rhetoric and writing. Past speakers have included Dr. Duane Roen, Dr. Kristine Blair, and Dr. Cindy Selfe. Upcoming speakers are Dr. Donnie Sackey and Dr. Cheryl Ball.​