​​​Points of Pride​

UF partners with Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies to offer courses such as "Reading the Odyssey." Students also have the opportunity to conduct lectures.

Through a partnership with the Toledo Museum of Art, students meet for a 'museum class' annually to see material artifacts in conjunction with course related texts.

Experiential learning is taken to a new level with classes that involve working with community partners to provide information while enhancing research and presentation skills. 

72% of students have experienced an assistantship or funding to cover tuition awarded by UF (through graduate assistantships or grants for teachers).

56% of MARW students presented at highly competitive peer-reviewed national and/or regional conferences last year (several have attended more than once).

78% of students attended at least one academic conference last year with full-funding provided .

The University of Findlay also publishes an international literary journal, Slippery Elm, that allows students as well as the public to submit their works.  It also allows students to be involved with the annual project through class projects that relate to the coordination of related publishing activities.

UF is one of only two private schools in Ohio that offers this program; we focus on one-on-one course and career advising. 

Students have the option to join Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, which offers scholarships and other benefits.

A MARW student, Bailey Shoemaker Richards, was quoted in a New Yorker blog​.

Students have the opportunity to work with a Visiting Scholar in the MARW program for a two-day intensive workshop each fall​.

The Career Speaker Series​ provides students of the MARW program with insight into employment and educational opportunities available to graduates.

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