Student Success​​

Devon Marti Devon Marti


Over the course of the summer, I had an internship with CBS radio in downtown Cleveland, working with the radio’s promotions department for two of their stations. While working at these radio stations, I was in charge of distributing the prizes to on and off air winners. I also had to make sure that the contests that were on the radio were in the systems computer correctly, and that the radio jocks had correct scripts for what to promote on air. This work allowed me to see the behind the scenes of radio and to learn the ins and outs of a promotions department as well as other offices in the building that the promotions worked closely with. These departments included the sales and the digital media department.               

Along with working in-depth with the promotions, I was able to also work with the digital media head of the 98.5 station, Carl Harp. Because 98.5 is a classic rock station, a lot of the things that Carl dealt with where making sure the website had stores pertaining to classic rock and the Cleveland area. Carl allowed me to write a few articles for the website because he knew I had some experience with writing and communications thanks to the courses I had taken at the University. The first article I wrote for the website happened to be the announcement that the president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum​ was retiring. Because of my experience and knowledge of how to write a well-put together article, I was able to break the news of this announcement faster than any other big radio station in the area. This allowed for other radio stations to pick up and share my article, which eventually lead to CBS corporate seeing it and spreading it nationally on all of its radio stations websites. I would have never thought that at the age of 19 and a junior in college, that I would have an article of mine go national in under an hour. I went on to write a few more articles for the website and many were shared on other radio stations pages. Interning at CBS radio brought me more and more opportunities just like this one through out the whole summer.               

Part of my job as working in the promotions department was to go out with the radio stations “street teams” for both 98.5 and 92.3​. The latter, 92.3, was a sports talk radio station which meant that a lot of the events would be sports related. At one of the events for 92.3, I was able to meet and work with Cleveland Brown’s cornerback Joe Haden. Being a Cleveland Browns fan, this was a huge honor to me. Along with this event, the radio station put on many others that allowed me access to meet a lot of well-known people in the Cleveland area. Working with the street team, I was also able to put my photography skills to use and go out to concerts including Neon Trees, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beach Boys and music festivals such as Warp Tour, Classic Fest and Bad Fish.                         

Overall, the experience I had because of the internship that was found for me through my advisor at the University was one that will no doubt help me find success in my career in the years to come. Not only did I make great contacts at CBS radio that will help me, but they also offered to help me find a place in their company after I graduate. I could not be happier with my experience this summer and I hope that I will be able to continue to have great working experiences with other companies that the University helps to put me in touch with.