​Art Student Approved​

​Megan Cleve – Studio Art Major, Writing Minor

Art Program"I love the studio atmosphere of the art classes because it really allows us to interact with our professors and fellow students. Throwing clay pots, completing stained glass, painting, designing websites, working with watercolor, drawing, taking photos and printmaking--students have abundant opportunities to work with various media and hone their skills amongst them all.

The smaller campus size has turned out to be a wonderful fit for myself. From different majors, to various organizations and activities, and especially those given to students in their areas of study, success and excitement are always within reach. I love my art major, and I am so happy to be working towards a future that allows me to do something I adore and share this expression of the human experience with others."

Anthony Panciera – Children’s Book Illustration and Studio Art Major​

Anthony Panciera

“I think the relaxed atmosphere and small size of the art classes at The University of Findlay really let me develop who I want to be, as an artist.    

Children’s Book Illustration was never something I had ever though of doing, but I got turned onto it when I went to hear an artist lecture at the Mazza Museum. My plans changed and I wound up with a double major in Studio Art and Children’s Book Art. 

I am still considering my options about what I will be pursing upon graduation, but I feel like whatever field I wind up going into, my experiences her will have set me in the right direction.”  

andrea minnich Andrea Minnich – Graphic Design Major, Marketing and Interpersonal Communications Minors​

“I was looking for a small school that would give me a great education and prepare me to step out into the work world. I found that at The University of Findlay! The professors know your name and really get to know you as a person.

As a graphic design major, the technology labs are great and the faculty works with you one-on-one. We discuss projects, software and anything else I am working on. Many classes deal with issues that you will encounter in the real world, such as dealing with clients and interacting with people in a business setting.

The University of Findlay is an excellent choice for anyone wanting small classes, individualized attention and the desire to be challenged.”

Jon Gaberdiel – Visual Art Education K-12 Major 

Jon Gaberdiel “My time in The University of Findlay's art program was a unique and positive educational experience. The program has a comprehensive selection of course offerings along with faculty specializing in specific mediums. 

The s​mall class size allows for increased interaction between instructor and student, making it possible for more efficient development of skills required to be successful in one’s chosen field.”