​Course Number ​Title ​GE
ART 100 Art Appreciation Y
Art Appreciation is a lecture course introduction to the visual arts designed for the non-art major. The focus of this chronological survey course will be on important themes in art in addition to an introduction to different media and techniques.
ART 110 The Visual Fundamentals Y
This course presents the fundamentals of the visual arts. Basic principles of design are explored in a variety of media. Composition is studied with a view to understanding traditional and contemporary concepts. Open to non-art majors as an initial experience in art.
ART 111 Design in Crafts Y
This course employs the application of basic design principles to work in a variety of crafts media: clay, wax/silver, stained glass, and wood.
ART 195 Topics in Art Y
The course is designed to enable students and faculty to explore selected topics in art. This course will expose the student to the subject matter, issues, and thinking characteristics of the area. The content of the course will vary and may include timely issues and thematic developments in the arts, an integrative and comparative approach to studying the arts, or a historical analysis of the arts.
ART 205 Intro to Digital Design Y
This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of graphic design as an art and a means of visual communication. The emphasis will be on learning basic computer skills needed to create original digital designs and images for print and screen. Projects will provide practical experience in multiple professional design applications.
ART 210 Introduction to Drawing Y
This course provides an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of drawing. Fundamentals of representation are explored in terms of line, value, perspective, color, and texture. Emphasis is on originality of thinking and perceptual awareness. The course is open to non-art majors as an initial experience in art.
ART 211 Drawing: Media, Tech., Concepts Y
Using a variety of subject matter, this course acquaints students with various media, concepts, and techniques of drawing.
ART 213 Intro to Film Photography Y
This is an introductory course in traditional black and white photography. Topics to be covered include camera controls; the darkroom; proper exposure; controlling light; studio photography; and displaying and framing photos. The main focuses are on camera techniques and the darkroom process. Cameras are available for student use.
ART 216 Intro to Digital Photography Y
This is an introductory course in digital photography. Topics to be covered include camera controls; the digital darkroom; controlling light and color; visual language and communication; and printing, exhibiting, and sharing photos with a focus on photography as an artistic expression. Students must furnish their own digital camera.
ART 225 Techniques: Watercolor & Works on Paper Y
This course explores various techniques using paper as the primary vehicle/support. This course includes papier colle, collage, and other media.
ART 226 Techniques of Sculpture Y
This course introduces basic sculptural processes and experience in traditional and contemporary media including wood, stone, metals, and clay.
ART 227 Techniques of Ceramics Y
This course explores the nature of clay through traditional and contemporary approaches to the medium. Offers experience in basic wheel and hand-building techniques, glazing, and decorating techniques, and firing processes.
ART 228 Techniques of Printmaking Y
This course provides experience in a variety of printmaking media, including monotypes, woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, and aquatints. It also provides a general historical orientation to prints.
ART 229 Techniques of Painting Y
This course offers experience in various painting media such as oil and acrylic, as well as subject matter ranging from still-life to landscape and a general historical orientation to contemporary painting.
ART 250 Typography
Prerequisite: ART 205 This course focuses on the creative use of typography and the technical skills needed to execute word-based designs for print and screen. The practical use of type for communication and aesthetics will be stressed. Students will study the historical developments of written languages, letterforms and typefaces, and knowledge in traditional calligraphy through the development of time-based digital media.
ART 260 Illustration
Prerequisite: ART 210 or permission of the instructor This course will focus on creating commercial, editorial, and technical illustrations with a strong focus on conceptual visual communication. Students will explore and use a variety of traditional and digital mediums. A history of illustration will also be covered.
ART 305 Graphic Design
Prerequisite: ART 205 This class will introduce graphic design history and fundamentals for printed media including integration of type and images. Students will produce work digitally, demonstrating conceptual and visual creativity, and technical skill. Presentations and critiques will be an integral part of the class.
ART 310 Figure Drawing
Prerequisite: ART 210 or 211 or permission of the instructor This is a studio class in which students draw from an unclothed model to improve traditional rendering skills with continued exploration in the use of graphite, charcoal, and ink. The emphasis is on visual realism, accuracy to the form, and understanding anatomy of the human body as expressed in drawings.
ART 313 Advanced Photography
Prerequisite: ART 213, 216, or permission of the instructor. This is a continuation of ART 213 or ART 216. Digital and film sections of this class are offered. Students will learn how to apply photographic techniques toward the fulfillment of aesthetic and conceptual concerns and will be encouraged to continue developing their unique "visual voice." Students will participate in opportunities to prepare and exhibit their work and will create a professional portfolio. Students are required to provide their own camera. This course is repeatable up to six semester hours.
ART 314 Image Manipulation
Prerequisite: ART 205 Students will become proficient in retouching and manipulating bitmapped images using Photoshop and other digital applications. Focus will be on creating original designs and imagery for print and new media. An understanding of file optimization, resolution, color modes, and advanced technical skills will be developed.
ART 320 History of Art I Y
Prerequisite: ENGL 106, 107, or 206. This course covers the exploration of the visual arts from prehistoric times to the Gothic period through study of major trends in painting, sculpture, and architecture.
ART 321 History of Art II Y
Prerequisite: ENGL 106, 107, or 206. This course explores the developments in painting, sculpture, and architecture from the Renaissance to the present.
ART 328 Off-Campus Studies
This course involves practically applied work and study in which the student is expected to assist or work with an individual having an artistic background and training for the purpose of gaining career experience not ordinarily available through other University courses. Graded S/U.
ART 335 Advanced Painting
Prerequisite: ART 229. This course involves emphasis on specialized painting problems and greater selectivity of media. The student is encouraged to explore in depth selected methods and techniques with the aim of approaching a unique personal vision and means of expression.
ART 345 Advanced Ceramics
Prerequisite: ART 227. This course covers advanced ceramic processes. Students are encouraged to refine selected forms and techniques, working toward a personal aesthetic in this medium.
ART 355 Advanced Sculpture
Prerequisite: ART 226. Advanced methods and materials are introduced. Students are encouraged to develop and explore a personal direction in sculptural expression.
ART 360 Advanced Illustration
Prerequisite: ART 260 or permission of instructor This course will challenge students to develop a personal illustration style in the medium of their choice. Storyboarding and sequential layout with text will be emphasized. Students may choose to produce a children's book, comic book, or a short film storyboard. Creation of self-promotional materials and guidelines for professional submission of samples will be included.
ART 365 Advanced Printmaking
Prerequisite: ART 228. This course offers greater selectivity of media. Emphasis is on various innovative printmaking approaches directed toward a more complete understanding of the techniques and concepts of the medium plus development of a personal aesthetic.
ART 390 Travel Seminar in Art Y
The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the history and contemporary culture of select countries through the experience of travel.
ART 395 Topics in the History of Art Y
Prerequisite: ENGL 106, 107, or 206. This course explores selected time periods, issues, and/or themes in art. Topics may include but are not limited to: American Art; Modern Art; Italian Renaissance Art; History of Photography; Art, Women, and Society. The course may be repeated, if topic is different.
ART 405 Advanced Graphic Design
Prerequisite: ART 250 and 305 Emphasis is on creative design solutions to solve visual communication problems for print, interactive media, and packaging. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal style with a strong understanding of graphic design history. Focus will be on implementation of professional practices and working as part of a team on real-world design projects.
ART 420 Research and Readings in Art
Prerequisites: ART 320, 321, and ENGL 106, 107, or 206. This course involves explorations into aesthetic and technical aspects of the visual arts in relationship to historical developments and contemporary trends.
ART 455 Senior Portfolio & Exhibition
This course involves the preparation and presentation of a comprehensive exhibition of studio work as well as the production of a portfolio and resume.
ART 495 Professional Practices in Art
Prerequisite: a course proposal and meeting with the instructor. This course involves problems and projects directly related to a student's major or area of concentration. As part of this course, students will submit a written summary and deliver a public presentation of work completed during the semester.