Job Outlook

A degree in criminal justice-White-collar crime and fraud investigation allows you to look at careers in the justice system as well as the business world. 


Whether you want to bust a huge corporate fraud scheme,  track down identity thieves or just help a corporation with risk management, a criminal justice degree​ in white-collar crime and fraud investigation at The University of Findlay will prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career in public, private and government sectors.  

Please keep in mind that this industry requires background checks prior to internship or job placements. Policies are different for each state and individual organization.​

Examples of the many career possibilities:

Central Intelligence Agency

Undercover drug agent

Liquor control investigators

U.S. Marshall
State audit investigators

Risk analyst

Metropolitan housing authority

Department of Taxation investigator

Federal Bureau of Investigations Agent

Non-profit corporation security officer

Dept. of Mental Health officer

Homeland security officer

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