​​​​​​​​English Student Approved​

​​In Our Students' Own Words:

I was able to successfully present my project and sit in on some fascinating presentations at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The conference was a wonderful opportunity to practice presenting my unique research and explore what wonderful things other undergraduates are doing. I appreciated the support of the entire English Department.

–Kathryn Kohls, Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated English/Language Arts Education​

NCUR was an amazing experience for me academically, professionally, and socially. Getting to spend time with the professors and my English friends is always a pleasure and made my first conference experience memorable. I learned a lot about subjects/causes that are close to my heart (feminism, modernism, service in Africa, environmental responsibility and more!) I also had the chance to network and swap emails with other students in my field.

–Sarah Stubbs​, English Literature/Journalism

The English Department is like a little family. They are always there to help, and they’re really passionate about helping students accomplish their goals. They really work hard at making the classes exciting and fun. There’s never a dull moment when you’re taking an English class. In English classes at The University of Findlay, you don’t just read text[s] and write papers; you take a deeper look into the wide world of English and literature through film, discussions​ and sometimes even comic books!

–Tiffany Umin, Graduate, English with Teaching Emphasis

The English faculty is comprised of a wonderful group of professors who offer engaging discussions, inviting classroom communities and an ever-changing bank of knowledge and support. The English Department utilizes and hosts opportunities, including the Pulse and guest speakers/readers, to aid its students in exploring fascinating possibilities not only within the major, but also outside both the department and the university.

–Jennifer Schwab, Graduate, English with Literature Emphasis

As the Pulse managing editor, I have gained a lot of experience in putting together the literary magazine every spring. It’s fun to work with other students on the Pulse and to know we helped make it possible for other student writers to be published.

–Lori Bell, Graduate, Creative Writing Emphasis


Another favorite [experience with UF’s English Department] was participating in the Write-Off* this semester. I'm student teaching in France and the topic easily lent itself to discussing my experiences as an American in France. It's great to see how a one word prompt can lead to such extensive writing that really made me reflect on my experiences abroad.

—Jeremy Brown, Graduate, Teaching Emphasis

*Students are given a topic and a set amount of time to write for this bi-yearly write-off contest. Because submissions can be sent online, UF students are able to compete in this writing contest from anywhere in the world.​