IELP student approved​​

Here is what some international students have to say about The Intensive English Language Program at The University of Findlay...

"I feel that the teachers in the IELP program are kind and compassionate; they really understand the struggles international students go through.  The IELP is not only a language program; it also counts towards your GPA so it doesn't slow down the graduating process."

~ Veda Lee from South Korea

"The instructors encouraged me to learn not only English, but also academic skills which are helpful in a graduate course. In addition to this, peers encouraged me to work hard on every single project."
~ Mami Takahashi from Japan
"Before I came to UF, I couldn't speak English. Now I can because the professors were extremely helpful"
~Sultan Alhubayshi from Saudi Arabia

"All the classes have helped improve my English. The teachers have worked with me step by step to enhance my English. The ELL Support Center helps with assignments and studies. You can meet with other International students to learn about new cultures.​
~Abdullah Alduhaym from Saudi Arabia