​Forensic Science Degree:

Investigate your career options!


Imagine using scientific methods, information and technology to determine the facts in a search for truth. A career as a forensic scientist can place you in the forefront of crime scene investigations. 

As a forensic science major at The University of Findlay, you will learn techniques involving:

  • DNA

  • Firearms identification

  • Latent prints

  • Forensic biology

  • Trace evidence

  • Chemistry

  • ​Crime scene investigation​

The forensic science degree program was created following the guidelines established by the United States Department of Justice, Technical Working Group on Education and Training in Forensic Science (TWGED) and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS).

Sometimes forensic science specialists are called into courtrooms to defend their work on criminal cases.  UF students will be more than prepared for these situations since they also take courses in speech, communication, argumentation and debate.

Forensic Science Student of the Year Award

2008-09                   Kelsey Degen   
2009-10                   Eric Rodeheaver   
2010-11                   Randi Marie Depp   

2011-12                   Clarinda Ellison

2012-13                   Justin Michael Rodriguez