​​​Forensic Science Points of Pride​​​​​​

​​What makes a UF forensic science degree special?

New laboratory facilities are comparable to many national crime laboratories, and are provided to enhance learning.

Enthusiastic faculty with real world experience that includes work with the State Highway Patrol, FBI, and other national security entities that bridge the gap between theory and practice work closely with students.

Meeting students' personal needs and career aspirations through interactive instruction, internship placement, and personalized one-on-one advising is a primary focus of the program.

The forensic science major was built upon the rigorous accreditation specifications of the National Academy of Forensic Science.

Courses are designed to prepare students for successful careers in many diverse areas of forensic science, including DNA analysis, serology, and chemistry. Coursework also prepares students planning to attend medical or graduate school, to pursue careers in research or medical laboratories, and to work in natural science rooted fields.   

Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Club helps to develop leadership skills and provides opportunities to visit criminal justice institutions, meet forensic science and criminal justice experts, travel to historical criminal justice sites, visit active crime laboratories, and participate in exciting recreational activities. 

Strong collaborative ties with other academic departments such as Biology and Chemistry allow students to pursue double majors or minors to compliment a forensics education.

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