​Forensic S​​cience Student Approved​

​​Brian Grabowski Brian Grabowski

B.S., Forensic Science


Grabowski was hired right out of college and was selected from among hundreds of applicants, according to his supervisor, Lt. Brian Bergeron.

“Grabowski received very high scores during his interview,” Bergeron said. “He had excellent academic credentials, was well spoken, and provided sound answers to the interview panel. He has lived up to all of our expectations.”

Grabowski has also been trained as an evidence technician and is a member of the crime scene response team. He said that the education he received at The University of Findlay has prepared him to move in many different directions as his career develops.

“I loved my Findlay experience and I would give anything to be able to go back and take some more courses,” Grabowski said. “I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.” 

Grabowski is currently a forensic scientist for the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division.​

Corrisa Wobler Corrisa Wobler

B.A., Criminal Justice

B.S., Forensic Science

The most important advice she would give prospective majors is to get a strong science foundation. “It is nothing like what you see on television,” she said. “Work in forensic sciences is science-based.”

She credits the University of Findlay with preparing her well and is grateful for the on-going support of key individuals.

“Professor Phil Lucas was my advisor throughout the time I pursued my Forensic Science degree” she said. “He provided important support while pursuing my Forensic Science degree and has continued his support beyond my graduation in 2009.

Wobler is currently a forensic scientist for the Wisconsin Department of Justice.​