Work and Internship Opportunities​​​​​​

Internships serve as a bridge between classroom knowledge and building an impressive resume and portfolio.  

Working in a field relating to health communication allows students to gain an enhanced understanding of how to apply skills learned in the classroom to situations that will be faced beyond graduation. 

The following resources are available to UF students:

College Central Network​  - As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance employment services to students, the Office of Internship and Cooperative Education Program has implemented a FREE online registration service.  Once registered, you have 24/7 access to internship postings. If you have any questions concerning College Central Network, contact us

Job Fairs - Please view our Calendar of Events for upcoming events. 

On-Campus Interviews - Watch for emails from Career Services notifying you of the interviews. Please contact the office of Internship and Cooperative Education Programs for your required forms and additional information by calling 419-434-6772 or speak with a faculty member.​

We strive to give you hands-on experience so that you will be able to seamlessly transition from graduation to a rewarding career in digital media.

Jonathon Limber

Jonathon Limber

Communication/Broadcast Telecommunication 


Jon Limber was showing off a little in this photo, which is on WLFC's myspace page. Jon had a great internship at Clear Channel Radio and is now employed by them.

The final days of my internship were the happiest and the saddest days I’ve experienced, during my internship.  I was sad because I was leaving, I had spent so much time there, and I had made great friends, and I didn’t want it to end so quickly.  I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready for it to end.  I was happy, because then I found out that I wasn’t leaving.  I found out that they had decided to hire me part time, because they needed an emergency fill in, and they thought it would be beneficial to me, because if I got hired in there, I could be transferred anywhere else I wanted to in the process.

During these last few days, I did more voice work for WiLD 939, and they got me ready for on air time, because they want to get me in their regular rotation of DJs (which I may add, is coming soon!).  The timing of this couldn’t have been better, just because I came in right when they needed someone, and I was already there, and they were very impressed with my work ethic and devotion to radio, that they didn’t want to let me go that easily.  So, meeting dates have been sent, and I’m in the process of filing paper work, so that I can be regularly employed.

As a small side note, hopefully The University of Findlay isn’t planning on removing the internship from the communication curriculum, and if they are, please tell them I said, “Do not take it away!  It’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me!”  My internship was so helpful, because it helped me realize that my education here really helped me in the ‘real world’ and that I’m ready to tackle corporate radio.