​Job Outlook​​​​

​Our graduates of Japanese have pursued a wide variety of career opportunities all over the world.  

Some are in Japan, teaching English or working as translators.  Others are employed by Japanese companies in the United States (e.g., manufacturing companies and travel agencies).  A few students are studying or working in Germany, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.  The graduates who received a teaching license through our program are teaching in North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.  It has also been common to pursue a graduate degree (e.g., MBA, education, computer science).

​Here are just a few of the industries that have need for bilingual employees:

See what some of our successful graduates are doing:


Graduated with double majors of Japanese and accounting and MBA, currently employed by a Japanese company, Nissin Brake Corporation.  "The Japanese program at The University of Findlay provided me with the opportunity to open my mind, heart and soul to the world beyond my rural hometown of Venedocia, Ohio.  During the summer of my junior year, I worked in Japan at Saitama Parts Co., Ltd. through an internship program sponsored by the State of Ohio.  By graduation, I had experienced more than most people do in a lifetime.  But that was just the beginning."



Graduated with double majors of Japanese and Spanish, currently employed by Nikko Citigroup, Ltd. in Japan. "Hailing from a small community within rural Ohio (Youngstown, Ohio), I would have never dreamed of the opportunities that I have realized as a direct result of the Japanese program at The University of Findlay.  The professors and teaching assistants truly opened their hearts and wisdom to me in those four years, even granting me several opportunities to see Japan first hand.  Now, at the young age of 26, I have been living in Japan for nearly five years. And my job, I can honestly say, is one of international grandeur and one for which I  now hold self-esteem.  With a willingness to learn and even be scolded and the effort required to advance, I firmly believe anyone afforded the chances that  UF has to offer can move onto whatever he or she seeks."