​​​​Japanese Points of Pride​​

Our students have won many prizes in state wide competition:

  • Ohio Saitama English Teaching Program

  • Ohio Saitama Company Internship​​​​ Program

  • Ohio Speech Contest

We have invaluable resources in the surrounding community.  You will enjoy building close relationships with the Findlay area Japanese community. 

Opportunities in Japan:

  • Two summer Japan study tour programs
  • Two paid internship sites in Japan (1 semester or 1 year)
  • Nine affiliated universities in Japan
Interaction with students visiting from Japan 

 Strong Alumni Network

Alumni Map_College of Liberal Arts_Dec 2015Open Gallery
A large alumni network with strong engagement. (click on the picture to enlarge)
This chart represents a snapshot of those who graduated from COLA and indicated where they reside.  If you are an alumni, we would love to stay connected. Click here to update us on where you are​.​​​