Pre-Law Student Approved

Justin Kahle Justin Kahle

Law and the liberal arts (Pre-law)


“Findlay was a good choice for me because I have been able to work one-on-one with my professors,” said Kahle. “I have also enjoyed much smaller class sizes that are more focused on discussions rather than lecturing.”      

“My classes in law and the liberal arts and philosophy have helped to give me a great view on what law school is like … and the practical skills to succeed in law school,” said Kahle.             

His advice for prospective students: “expose yourself to as much as possible – through organizations, classes or job opportunities.”

“Most of the things I have been involved with have been unrelated to my major, but I feel have been important in my career here,” said Kahle. “I work at the University’s Information Technology Services even though I have no aspirations of being involved in computer science in my future; I work with the Pulse, even though I have no aspirations of being involved with the media … Yet, I think without each of these chances, I wouldn’t be where I am at today, nor would I be as well-rounded as I am.”   ​   ​